My purpose statement is to “create collaborative environments where people can make their very best contribution every day”

There are three themes in my experience, leadership, learning and start ups and turnarounds.

For most of the 80's I was an Army Officer. I had many roles, one of which I helped to pilot women's' place in the infantry. I also got to serve with the UN and probably the first woman in a Speahead Battalion. I do love a challenge!

For most of the 90's I was a board director of a small medium enterprise. And as part of that executive team I helped to turn around a £1m loss into a £1.2m profit within 12 months. This provided the platform for the sale of the company to a large publishing house.

I followed that with raising venture capital for the acquisition of a competitor before joining another organization to start up their European multimedia business. This smaller UK team outperformed the US team by almost 100%.

Sales management got a bit boring and hungry for another challenge, I joined the board of a small company and helped them turn their sales from less than £100k to £1m in 12 months. It was here that I was able to design a blended learning solution and help establish the business for further acquisitions.

The last 10 years I worked with a guru of leadership development - Ken Blanchard. My experienced included working with hairdressers to miners and anything and everything in between. Some companies operated in the UK others across three continents - some were small start ups and others huge monopolies. But it was here that I was able to really understand the secret sauce of leadership and how it underpins business success. Much of my success had been down to natural extinct and the leadership skills I learned from the Army and from my co directors. Recently I researched and wrote the book - Collaboration Begins with You - Be a Silo Buster with Ken and Eunice (due for publication Oct 12). Now in this new chapter I want to help small medium sized enterprises flourish by leveraging their most expensive asset - their people.